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Ministry of the Month – Healing Haiti

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Seeing Haiti Through God’s Eyes

While many see Haiti as a country consumed by devastation, Healing Haiti sees Haiti as a country filled with opportunity. Healing Haiti believes the best way to alleviate poverty is to invest directly in Haitian families so that they can thrive together. This is why Healing Haiti’s mission is to leverage resources to elevate and strengthen Haitian families to break the cycle of poverty and strengthen the fabric of the community.

Haitians Leading Haitians

Healing Haiti uses a multifaceted approach to accomplish its mission through the local church, job creation, education, medical care, food and water relief, and sustainable agriculture. This approach is led by Haitian nationals who live in the communities they serve and who are called to equip Haitian families to provide for themselves and help ignite their communities to thrive. Through this strategy thousands of Haitians are impacted annually for the glory of God

Changing the Narrative

Haiti and poverty have been associated together for too long! Healing Haiti invites you to join its mission to change the narrative and equip Haitian families to thrive. Let’s break the cycle of poverty together!

Go to www.healinghaiti.org/KTIS to learn more about how you can get involved today.

“Despite the gang violence, God continues to prove his faithfulness and love by covering us ‘under the. shadow of His wings.’ God makes it possible to have food, He protects our staff even as gangs move around our facility, and the children remain happy. Even in the difficulties, we can always lean on Him.”

Darline, Child Care Supervisor
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