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This Is The Day

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Can you hear it
The gentle voice of the Spirit
There’s no reason to fear it
He’s calling you to life

Just surrender
Run into the arms of the Father
The night is finally over
Take a step into the light

This is the day when the lost are found
This is the day for a new beginning
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
Oh can you hear all the angels are singing
This is the day, the day when life begins

Can you see it
A light shines into the darkness
Bringing hope to the hopeless
It’s leading you to life

This is the day
When all your sins are washed away
In the waves of His unending grace
Forever you’re alive

Have no fear
Salvation has come and He is here

Phil Wickham Music / Seems Like Music (BMI) and Worship Together Music / From The Indigo Room / Evan Wickham Co-pub designee (BMI). All rights reserved.
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