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I Believe It (The Life of Jesus)

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It’s not just a story
It’s a living breathing walking testimony
Of a God so good
He’d leave His home in glory
For the world He loved
For the world that he so loved
It’s not just a story

I believe in the life of Jesus
I believe that He conquered death
I believe in the resurrection
I believe that He’s coming back again
I believe that His spirits with us
I believe that He gives us power
I believe that He is the son of God
I believe it I believe it I believe it I believe it
I believe in the life of Jesus

I can’t deny it
If I said I got here on my own
I’d be lyin
‘Cause my eyes have seen the goodness
Of the Father
We’re the ones he loves
We’re the ones that he so loved
I can’t deny it

Holy, holy
Let the earth rejoice
He is worthy of all praise

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