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Yeah everybody hurts sometimes I know that’s what they say

But right now it seems this loneliness won’t go away

Can anybody feel this heart ache

Is anyone around


Feels like we’re running round in circles we can’t catch a breath

We can’t enjoy the moment when we always want what’s next

Just when I can’t take no more

It’s when I hear you say


Don’t hang your head when you get lonely

I’ll never leave your side

Don’t go thinking you’re the only

One that can’t get it right

Yeah You’ve got my love love love love

Down In your soul

Yeah You’ve got my love love love

And I won’t let you go


I know there’s nowhere I can run there’s nowhere I can hide

From the one who gave His life so I could get back mine

So when you can’t take no more

Look up and hear Him say


Your mercy is new every morning

Your Grace sustains all of my life

You are the one that I run to

In you I am satisfied

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