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These days my heart’s always on the run
These days the world’s spinning out of control, oh
These days are fast and they’re furious
Feels like the worst is ahead of us, oh, oh

Sometimes it’s hard to feel at home, but

I believe that you and I
Are in the right place at the right time
God called us by name
And He doesn’t make mistakes
I know we were born to shine bright
In a dark world that needed some light
Don’t have to be afraid
Maybe we were made
For these days

What if the beauty isn’t crushed?
It just needs the hope that’s inside of us, oh, oh
What if it’s more than a destiny?
What if we’re part of a masterpiece?
Oh, oh

Until our Father brings us home

(Maybe we were made)
To stand when it gets hard
To love with open arms
It’s something to embrace
Maybe we were made for these days

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