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On the nights when the dark last a little bit longer
When the wind and the storm is a little bit stronger
When the fear in my heart digs a little bit deeper
When my faith to stand gets a little bit weaker

Where could I run to?
Where could I go?

Even when it feels like my world is shaken
Even when I’ve had all that I can take
I know
You never let me go
And even when the waters won’t stop rising
Even when I’m caught in the dead of a night
I know
No matter how it ends
You’re with me even then

When the days up ahead look a little bit brighter
But the grip of the past holds a little bit tighter
I’m reminded Your grace never asks for perfection
Oh I’m restored ’cause I’m Yours and I stand forgiven

And even in the middle of a struggle
And even when it’s hard to remember
You alone are my defense when
I’m standing on Your promises and I know
That even in the thick of the battle
And even through the valley of the shadows
You alone are my defense when
I’m standing on Your promises

Fair Trade Global Songs (BMI) (admin by Essential Music Publishing); Fairtrade Tunes (SESAC) (admin by Essential Music Publishing) / From The Void (SESAC) (admin by Essential Music Publishing); Tony Wood Songs / Worspring Music (SESAC) (admin by Warner Chappell)
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