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I don’t want to hear anymore
Teach me to listen
I don’t want to see anymore
Give me a vision
That You could move this heart to be set apart

I don’t need to recognize the man in the mirror
I don’t want trade Your plan for something familiar
I can’t waste a day
I can’t stay the same

I want to be different
I want to be changed
Until all of me is gone
And all that remains
Is a fire so bright
The whole world can see
That there’s something different
So come and be different
In me

I don’t want to spend my life stuck in a pattern
I don’t want to gain this world but lose what matters
So I’m giving up everything because

I know that I am far from perfect
But through You, the cross still says I’m worth it
So take this beating in my heart
Come and finish what You started
When they see me, let them see You
Because I just want to be different

I just want to be different
So could You be different in me

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