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Best News Ever

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Some say don’t give up
Hope that your good is good enough
Head down, keep on working
If you can earn it, you deserve it
Some say push on through
After all, it’s the least that you can do
But don’t buy what they’re selling
It couldn’t be further from the truth

What if I were the one to tell you
That the fight’s already been won
Well I think your day’s about to get better
What if I were the one to tell you
That the work’s already been done
It’s not good news
It’s the best news ever

Some say don’t ask for help
God helps the ones who help themselves
So press on, get it right
Otherwise get left behind
Some say He’s keeping score
So try hard, then try a little more
But hold up, if this were true
Explain to me what the cross is for

So won’t you come
Come all you weary and you burdened
You heavy laden and you hurting
For all of you with nothing left
Come and find rest

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