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Father Olson

Church: At Francis catholic Church

Father Olson is the absolute best! Every Sunday I look forward to going to church to see what he has to say to teach me and our church family! He is incredibly knowledgeable and helps everyone stay on the straight path to God. His motto is “Go and make Jesus Famous” which he encourages us to and helps along the way! If we all talked about God just a little more and were confident and bold with our faith our world wouldn’t be quite so troubled! He encourages everyone to live their faith and always takes the time to help and assist in any way he can.

He has made our church family stronger and closer together and he is very much appreciated! The church went from being half empty to full each weekend and participation during church has increased, including with myself and I am now a lector! I have grown so much in my personal faith from learning from him and have deepened my relationship with God which is truly priceless. He is a true and rare gem and a blessing to our community!