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Matthew West takes on the Tower of Truth!

Matthew West takes on the Tower of Truth!

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From Superbowl and weekend hobbies to what he would change about himself, the Tower of Truth with Andy brings out all sides of Matthew West.

In this fun video, we catch a glimpse into the life of Matthew West. He discusses fun with his kids, embarrassing moments, greatest fears (and how he faced them), and so much more!

And in the end, Matthew remembers the time he thought he’d lose the ability to ever sing again, saying, “When I lost my voice… that was a time where it really felt like everything was falling apart… but I think the work that God did in my life during that time where my voice was taken from me was a powerful work.” But there is so much more to the story, and ultimately he learned a beautiful lesson: “When our worlds fall apart, it doesn’t mean [God] is not working. Nothing is going to be wasted.”