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Woke Up In America

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I was born on a rock in the middle of the ocean
Where the wind’s so rough it could carry you to London
It’s a new found land with an old soul reaching
For the light of day

My parents gave me a life full of dreams
Yeah, they gave me a heart to endure most anything
But everyone gets a broken pair of wings
And if you try to fly, you’ll fail

But a voice said, “lift up Your head”
And my heart burst out of my chest

I woke up in America for the love of God
I woke up in America for something bigger than myself
More than fireworks and fanfare
More than a star-spangled banner
You’re still beautiful, America

Yeah, it’s late in the night and I look in the mirror
Count the lines on my face and wonder how they got there
Oh, but every one’s a story of how grace appeared
And carried me through the day

And the voice said, “this land ain’t dead”
You still got better days up ahead

I’ve seen the horizon ablaze in Arizona
Shoreline shoutin’ over California
Moonlight dancin’ over the Dakotas
It breaks your heart, it’s so beautiful
Lady Liberty, she leaves the light on
For the west side all the way to Long Island
Carolina coast to the Rocky Mountains
The sun is shining over me

Woke up in America for the love of God
Woke up in America for something bigger than myself
More than wealth or depression
More than a red or blue nation
Here in our hells and our Heaven
You’re still beautiful, America

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