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What Are You Waiting For

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You have always been a run away
Always looking for a place that’s safe
‘Cause you were disappointed with the world
The hand you were dealt
And I get it why you feel that way
‘Cause it doesn’t ever seem to change
But have you ever really tried to trust something outside yourself

What are you waiting for?
Your Standing at an open door
This is your life, you never live twice
Step through to the other side
‘Cause there’s so much more
What are you waiting for?

You don’t have to be afraid
To believe in something unexplained
‘Cause this is where the road begins and where the healing starts
Open up your eyes my friend
This is where the searching ends
You don’t have to keep the wounds the walls around your heart

Go ahead and say goodbye
Go ahead start tonight
Come over come over to the other side

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