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Don't Stop Praying

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In Christ Alone

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The Strength To Let Go

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I don’t like to admit
When I’m wrong and need gifts
Of forgiveness instead of applause
I was dying to prove to myself
I could make it alone

It took years to confess
That your love was the best
At unraveling all of my pride
Had to laugh at myself
When I realized that you were my home

Give me the strength to let go
Give me the strength to surrender
Give me the strength to stop holding on,
I’ve been holding on so long
Give me the strength to let go
And show me the way to come home

Yeah I’m stubborn and bold
But sometimes it gets old
Fighting voices inside of my brain
I was trying to pretend I was fine
When inside it was war

With the stumbling beat
Of my heart and my feet
And the faults of my failure and pain
To think all of this time
I had wings that were ready to soar

Give me the strength to let go

Oh love, light the way home
Light up my soul
I choose mercy instead of control

Here in your arms
I finally let down
I am lightning and you are the ground

Give me the strength to let go
I am lightning and you are the ground

Gangs of Palomar Publishing (ASCAP) Produced by The Foreman Brothers Mixed by Tanner Sparks Recorded at Melody League Studios (San Diego, CA) Engineered by Tanner Sparks Additional Production by Bear Rinehart Additional Instrumentation: Keyboards: Bear Rinehart
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