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Raise A Hallelujah

Jonathan & Melissa Helser

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I threw my heart up on the line
Said no more wastin’ my time
I said I love you and you know that’s true.
I trust You cause You know me best
You are my peace You are my rest
And I have you, You know that’s true


So I can say You have my all

I’ll say something cause You love me
Say something grace surrounds me
Be someone in your freedom
Be someone—be myself now
I can’t imagine anything—no—anything better
Say something cause You love me – Woaoaoh

Threw my heart up on the wire
I feel You like a burnin fire
I said I love you—You know it’s true
Seems like my world is such a mess
But You love me better than the rest
And I have You and You know that’s true

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