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Say Hello

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If your pain is heavy
And shame keeps pulling you back
If you’ve looked for answers
That the world don’t have

Come on down to the tent revival
Come and wade in the water blue
Come and feel that heavenly fire
Falling down on you

Say goodbye to the worn and weary
Say hello to the brand new you
Hear that gospel song
Playing on and on
Sticking to your soul like glue
Say goodbye to the sin that held you
Feel that love wash it all away
You can let it go
And say hello
To the power of Jesus name
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

You can walk in freedom
You can dance on the solid rock
You can rest in the victory
That Jesus already won

Whom the son sets free is free indeed
Whom the son sets free is free indeed
No there ain’t no chains gonna tie these feet
Whom the son sets free is free indeed

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