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Save My Life

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We’ve met half a dozen times

I know your name I know you don’t know mine

But I won’t hold that against you


You come here every Friday night

I take your order and try to be polite

And hide what I’ve been going through


If you looked me right in the eye

Would see the pain deep inside

Would you take the time to



Tell me what I need to hear

Tell me that I’m not forgotten

Show me there’s a God

Who can be more than all I’ve ever wanted

‘Cause right now I need a little hope

I need to know that I’m not alone

Maybe God is calling you tonight

To tell me something

That might save my life


I’m the pastor at your church

For all these years you’ve listened to my words

You think I know all the answers


But I’ve got doubts and questions too

Behind this smile I’m really just like you

Afraid and tired and insecure


If you look me right in the eye

Would you see the real me inside

Would you take the time to




Save my life


I am just like everyone

Jesus, I need You, I need Your Love

To save my life


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