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Press On

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When I’m alone, when I’m afraid

When I have had all I can take

Losing my grip I start to slip away

When I can hear the voice of doubt

Inside my head, screaming loud

Strengthen my faith, and help me say

Today, today


I will follow, I will press on

Even when the walk feels long

Your hands hold me together

Your love is with me forever

Through the broken, through the victory

I will praise You through it all

And run hard ‘til the race is done

I, I’m gonna press on, press on


How many storms have I been through

How many led me right to You

You’re using the pain, the hardest days

For my good, my good

So what do I fear

God, You are with me

Guiding my steps today

Through the mountains, valleys, sun and rain

Lord, lead the way, lead the way


One step in front of the other

No looking back, no looking back

One step in front of the other

I’m gonna press on, I’m gonna press on

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