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Here I Am To Worship

Jeremy Camp

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Life, it don’t get easy but it’s better when you’re with me tried to put my faith in people but there really ain’t no equal never met someone that don’t change the same monday up to sunday even at a young age you been holding me the whole let me sit back ‘cause it’s your show but imma sit up on the front row don’t gotta tell you, you already know yeah, it’s you alone only you can do the things you do create the sun and the moon and hold it all down you always prove that only you can do the things you do you breathe life and made me new my worst days you bring me through only you sometimes i wonder do you hear me yeah, you know how my fears be but that don’t change your love, though you keep on giving me the cheat codes never met someone that stay true in the clouds or the clear blue don’t nobody ever compare i swear it’s like you playing solitaire it’s like the demons they won’t let me go pain from this world can’t keep my head afloat don’t gotta tell you, you already know and you in control

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