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Sunday's Comin'

Zach Williams

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More Than You Think I Am

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You always think I’m somewhere on a mountaintop

But never think behind bars

You’d be amazed the places that I go

To be with you, where you are


So forget what you’ve heard

What you think that you know

There’s a lot about Me

That’s never been told



I’m more than you dream

More than you understand

Your days and your times

Were destined for our dance

I catch all your tears

Burn your name on My heart

Be still and trust My plan

I’m more than you think I am

More than you think I am


Rumor has it there’s a gavel in My hand

I’m only here to condemn

But let Me tell you secrets you have never known

I think of you as My best friend


So much has been said

Even done in My name

But I’m showing you now

Who I really am




Let me open your eyes to see

The heart of Me, differently oh oh

Come closer than you’ve ever been

Let Me in like never before

Bring Me every broken part

The wounds and scars of who you are

Hide in Me and you will see…




More than you think I am

More than you think I am

I’m more than you think I am

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