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Mercy Is A Song

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Mercy is a song singing to my heart
Telling me it’s ok, come just as you are
I never heard a melody like the one that’s singing over me
And I just wanna sing along
‘Cause mercy is a song

Freedom is a choir
Swaying back and forth
Shining in the shadows of a stain-glassed Sunday morning
Shouting hallelujah
Yesterday is gone
Freedom is a choir
And mercy is a song

Singing oh,
There is a light for every soul
No matter where you’ve been just come on home
Let all God’s children sing along
Hallelujah, chains are gone
Mercy is a song

Guilty is a lie
Spoken by a thief
Saying after what you’ve done you don’t deserve to be free
But I can look him in the eye, and say, “This time you’re wrong”
‘Cause guilty is a lie
But mercy is a song

The song of the redeemed
The ones set free
A glimpse of what waits for you and me

Heaven is a mansion
A promise in the sky
That one day we’ll be singing with those angels up on high
That old familiar melody
Like we’ve known it all along
Heaven is a mansion
And mercy is a song

Oh, tell me, can you hear it

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