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God Is With Us

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Let Faith Move You

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What would you do
If you couldn’t lose
Would you dare to fly if knew you’d never fall
Would you do the thing
That your heart has dreamed
But you’re scared to try cause you could lose it all

(What if we)
Do a little bit less waitin
A little less fear of failin’
And find the guts to go
(Maybe we’d)
Do a little bit more chasin’
Do a little bit more breakin’
Out of our comfort zone

So take a chance and don’t look back
We weren’t made to live like that
Fear’s a lie that’ll hold you back
Just let faith move you
Paralyzed and you’re scared to death (it’s)
the perfect time to take a risk
This is when you really start to live
Just let faith move you

If you could see
What you believe
And you knew that God will never let you down
Would you rise to face
All that’s in Your way
Can you feel that God is standing with you now

Say things that are hard to say
Learn to laugh and give yourself some grace
Once you get it, give it all away
Just let faith move you
Pack your bag and take the trip
on the journey of no regrets
You can’t start til you take a step
Just let faith move you

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