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What Are We Waiting For

For King & Country

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If You Ain’t In It

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I’ve got things that I thought

Would fill my heart up, sittin’ on top winning

But that ain’t winning

I’ve chased all the good stuff, all the bad stuff

Stuff the world calls living

But that ain’t living


Hey don’t really matter what I do

Hey don’t mean nothin’ without you


I don’t wanna have it all

Write my story any way I want

Everything will just fall apart

If you ain’t in it

I don’t wanna get my way

No, I don’t wanna run this thing

Cause I know it all ends the same

If you ain’t in it

If you ain’t in it


I want all that you want

All that you’ve got

Point my heart toward you

I want you too


Hey nothing else is gonna matter

Hey if you’re not what I’m after


Repeat chorus


Here is my confession

I’m a man of imperfection

And my heart can go off chasin’ empty things

But you keep runnin’ toward me

Yeah, cause you know what’s best for me

And you know you are the only thing I need


I don’t wanna have it all

I don’t wanna have it all

If you ain’t in it


Repeat chorus

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