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Sunday's Comin'

Zach Williams

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I remember the first time that I / Felt You in my life / I was different for good // I started seeing the world with new eyes / A new hope, a new mind / And that’s when I finally understood // You are the center of everything / And You are moving inside of me / You are the heartbeat / You are the heartbeat / You are the heartbeat, oh oh / You put the light inside my eyes / You make me come live / You are the heartbeat / You are the heartbeat / You are the heartbeat and You always will be // You were there on the good days, bad days / The seasons of heartache / Somehow Your love never fades // I can’t live without You / I need You so why would I try to / I’m better off walking with You then walking away // You’re the road I travel on / You’re my hope when I have none / You’re the place that I will run / You’re the real thing / If there’s any good in me / You’re the heartbeat //

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