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Faith Hope Love Repeat

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I wanna build four walls
Keep you safe inside
And catch you when you fall
Don’t wanna see you cry
And when you walk down the street
Make you hold my hand
I wanna lift you off your feet
Be your Superman, SupermanI wanna take you for a ride
When you cannot sleep
Brush your hair to the side
Kiss you on your cheek
I wanna stay up all night
Making sure you breathe
Oh my God, what a gift
He has given me

Yeah, I brought you into this world
And I’m sorry it’s a little bit crazy
But I tell you there is so much good
Though the future looks a little bit hazy
But see God me and Him have a promise
And He’ll give us everything that we need
So have faith, hope and love
Faith, hope, love, repeat

I wanna show you the world
Climb the mountaintops
Watch you dance in the rain
I hope it never stops
Whatever tomorrow brings
I hope it brings you joy
And when it’s all too much
I’ll hold you in my arms

But there will be days when you lose your faith
There will be nights when you give up hope
Disappointment and pain and you’ll flirt with the shame
So you’ll call me from the end of your rope
And I’ll give you whatever I have
Though there’s only one thing you’ll need
And that’s love, I’ll give you my love
My love, I’ll give you my love

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