Troy Dobbs

Church: Grace Church

Pastor Troy-
We love you, man!
We’re grateful for the joy you exude bringing God’s 100% pure, unadulterated, life-altering, life-giving, life-changing, life-saving Word to ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to know God’s heart for them.
We’re grateful that you can’t hide your joy for life.
We’re grateful that you don’t use fillers, extenders, additives, artificial flavors or artificial colors to modify what God has made for us, Himself, with His own hands.
We’re grateful that you are faithful to do His job, regardless of good weather, bad weather or the direction of the wind.
We’re grateful that you’re real; you walk the journey in front of us.
We’re grateful that Grace has a good sound system; those of us in the last row of the second balcony want to hear God’s word every bit as much (maybe more) as the ones in the very first row who are habitually on time – or even early!
We’re grateful God has chosen you for His purposes and we are His beneficiaries of His generous order.
May God bless your socks off every day, for as long as it is called “today”. And the same for your bride, the kids, your grandson and all the generations to follow.

Tim & Jan