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Pastor Steve Thompson

Church: Anoka Covenant Church

This is the third time I’ve attempted to nominate my pastor. First, I’d like to say that my computer knowledge, or lack thereof, is no reflection on this godly man! He has the wisdom to allow his paritioners to volunteer where they are willing to learn and grow and He trusts God for this. He is a faith filled person with a large heart for his flock! He is humble, kind, and honest. Trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. He listens when he doesn’t have time to do so, knowing that this conversation in front of him is a new opportunity that God has placed in front of Him. He encourages his people when the reality is front of them seems daunting. He relates to others and isn’t afraid to share his own opinions. He laughs with those who are happy and mourns with those crying.

He is a true display of a man who believes the Word with his whole heart!

A Pastor, a Husband (I’m sure Carol will attest to), father, son, friend like no other! And at the same time, one you recognize. Because he is a true reflection of Jesus.