Jonathan & Joanne Brozozog

Church: Creative Church

I am so thankful for our pastors Jonathan and Joanne Brozozog for being truth tellers!!!
Tell the truth and shame the devil. People are not shamed but so welcomed in a loving environment. All walks of life, all ethnicities, all skin types, and all socioeconomic backgrounds are welcomed and represented here.

The one thing we ALL have in common, is… JESUS❣ Keeping the main thing, the main thing!!!

Our Pastors are so loving and pour into so many by traveling across the nation, either from their book, Raising Parents, mentoring others, or talking about the Cell Phone Permit certification classes. Not easy when you have 8 kids including 2 yr old twins. He will put his busy next to anyone else’s when it comes to making room for priorities, including our conferences: Men’s, Womens, Kids, Teens, & Marriage.

They exude love❣ And we love them and appreciate them both!! Congratulations on your 20th year as Pastor of Creative Church❣ Well done, my good and faithful servants❣❣

Oats and Michael Settle