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Tenth Avenue North

Joel Johnson

Church: Westwood Community Church – Chanhassen

Our Pastor Joel Johnson from Westwood Community Church in Chanhassen is one of the best ever. He loves God and loves people so much. His messages and his leadership are so good. We love you, Pastor Joel!!! Thanks for all that you do!!!

Lord, Pastor Joel K. Johnson is everything to me and to the world. He is humble, sweet, kind, loving, compassionate, vulnerable, energetic, fun, funny, family-orientated, husband, father, brother, friend, son-in-law, and brother from another mother. Many people at KTIS and around the world know Joel Keith Johnson. I attended Westwood Community Church for the first time on Sunday, September 28, 2008. I have seen a lot of changes over the past decade and a half, but one person remains, our beloved Pastor Joel. Westwood will never be the same when he decides to retire someday and spend more quality time with his lovely wife, Keri Johnson. He will welcome you back in the fold anytime you want to be like a sheep and run from the flock so to speak. He grieves people not being there in person but is present online to preach the word and let you know you are missed, nonetheless. He is adored by millions of people because he genuinely cares. He is a bit shy but don’t let him fool you. He welcomes you with open arms and a big heart. Pastor Joel says that we can’t out give God and if only we could get the “love thing right.” I forget the rest of it, but it has something to do there’s no telling what we can do for His Kingdom in so many words. Pastor Joel has left an indelible mark in so many lives and in the hearts of mankind and womankind. I seldom listen to KTIS (sorry Jesus) but listened the other day about picking your favorite pastor for this acknowledgement and kind encouragement. One day I was sitting at church and Pastor Joel was wondering why I was there during the afternoon. I was feeling very comfortable at my church like it was a second home (up until one of his pastor’s made me feel very uncomfortable and distressed). Pastor Joel dealt with it by shaking my hand and was compassionate towards me. I am so thankful for Pastor Joel.