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Chuck Pruett

As I reflect on the incredible journey of faith I have embarked on since I began attending New Life Church almost 19 years ago, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed with gratitude for Pastor Chuck Pruett’s selfless servant leadership. His unwavering dedication to leading our church with intentionality, prayer, and love has been truly inspirational for all of us.

For over 25 years, he has been the steady hand guiding our congregation towards a shared purpose of Kingdom building. His vision for ministering to children and families has empowered our gifted and talented pastoral team, and his nurturing spirit has helped us become better shepherds to our church family.

Under Pastor Chuck’s guidance, we have witnessed the beautiful transformation of our church, watching it grow steadily year after year. Children have grown up at New Life Church, have gone off to college, and have been called back to this church to raise their own families here. In some cases, children later return as adults to serve as pastors. Pastor Chuck’s emphasis on fostering unity and community has brought us closer together, and his encouragement to join small groups and get involved has allowed us to connect on a deeper level.

However, it’s not just his leadership skills that make Pastor Chuck exceptional. It’s also his warmth, his humor, and the perpetual smile that graces his face. We all appreciate those casual jokes he likes to throw into both his sermons and his conversations. However, all jokes aside, Pastor Chuck is a true encourager, lifting us up when we need it most. Pastor Chuck’s ability to build up his team, even in the face of challenges, is a testament to his character and faith.

What is truly remarkable is that Pastor Chuck’s dedication to the church extends beyond the sanctuary. His family (including all of his children and grandchildren), follow in his footsteps, having served alongside him with the same zeal and devotion. This is a testament to the love they all have for Jesus and the people of our church.

Pastor Chuck is not just a leader; he is a man of God. His impact goes far beyond the walls of our church, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come. We are profoundly thankful for his leadership, his wisdom, and his heart.

In this journey of faith, we have been truly blessed to have Pastor Chuck Pruett as our pastor. We thank him for everything he has done, and may God continue to bless him abundantly as he continues to prayerfully lead us on this incredible path.

With deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude,

Stacey P., and the entire congregation