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Mike Swecker

Church: Hosanna Church Lakeville

I would like to nominate Pastor Mike. In a nutshell, he is an all around great man! He helped my husband and I through a not-so-fun time in our marriage. Pastor Mike was so very transparent and vulnerable with what he shared with both my husband and I. He did not have to do what he did and yet he shared very personal events that took place in his own life to help us relate to what we were going through in our marriage.

I am still in awe today at how truly compassionate Pastor Mike is for the people in our congregation. It recently came to my attention that Pastor Mike was diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to reach out to him, I made a phone call, left him a message. He called and left me a message back. Again, the man amazes me, the message he left me was to say thank you for reaching out, but then he went on asking me how I was, what was new in my life. He said we should stop by his office after church some day to catch up. He is such a selfless man, truly Pastor Mike is living the way Jesus wants us all to live.

Pastor Mike doesn’t dwell on himself, he is always looking to reach out to the next person. He is a great example of reaching UP to our Lord, reaching IN and using his love/compassion for people to reach OUT to those around him. Thank you KTIS for making this gift possible to Pastors.

Best Regards,