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Kyle Sidlo

Pastor Kyle is the most “caring for his flock” pastor I have ever known.

He is strong in his convictions but gentle in his feelings for God’s people and people who need God.

P.K. prays for his flock and others brought to his attention.

He is super cool giving the children’s message.  The children love him and flock to him.

P.K. does not put on airs.  (sp?)  He is a real person and lets us know we are in this together seeking God.

His messages are good and cause you to think and pray about them.  He encourages us to talk with God.

P.K. can sing really well…really well!

He and my Norwegian husband say “god dag, god dag” every time they see each other.

P.K. jumps into ice cold water in the winter to raise $ for good community causes.  (He’s so tall and skinny – he must freeze to the bone!)

He responds to my emails with thoughtful answers and scripture references.

I thank God for giving us this man and I pray for God to help him preach and teach from His Word.

I pray for Pastor Kyle to find rest…so he can keep doing what he is doing  (I’m admitting to my motives!)

I hope you will choose Pastor Kyle Sidlo and his wonderful wife, Val (she does SO much!  e.g. God’s Grub: a FREE community meal the 2nd Sunday every month – October 8th is “Breakfast for Supper” – Come & join us!)

(maybe this box should be bigger, ha!)