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Kevin Woestehoff


I wanted to recognize Kevin Woestehoff, Ben Eisele, and Kristen Eisele as the Pastor’s at Farmington Lutheran Church.  The work and effort that they put into the church and the community is amazing and life changing!

I have been a Christian my entire life and have attended many different churches.  I joined Farmington Lutheran Church about a year ago and I have never felt so welcomed and now at home in a church.  Every time I attend a worship service these Pastors seem to be speaking directly to me, and I am truly amazed with how personal the messages are they include in their sermons.  

I can personally say that I have seen dozens of family and friends who have attended a service with me at FLC and have indicated how amazing and inspiring the service and message was.  Many of them have began attending services at FLC regularly and some have become members as I know they feel as at home and inspired as I did when being introduced to this amazing group of Pastors.

Our community has experienced recent tragedy as many other communities have.  The continued support and healing that FLC has provided for so many is truly life changing.  I speak as a grieving parent in saying that this church and staff has truly been a blessing from God for the community and especially the kids as we all learn to heal and lean on each other for support.

I know these words don’t do justice to what this church and staff has done and means to the community of Farmington.  I however wanted to offer this small token of thanks to help ensure they all understand what they mean to us.

Trust God even when it’s hard.  (Madden McKean)