Josh Trifunov

Church: Celebration Church

My Youth Pastor has just been such a big influence on me and a HUGE influence on our youth group as well. He’s brought in so many kids, our small youth room is almost full. He is so funny and really just wants to connect with all of us. He doesn’t care for the cliques, he always wants people to step out of their comfort zone. He calls students to be a better version of themselves and I think it’s really cool what he has been doing. There was a kid that when you observed the way he lived, you could just tell he was tired in his faith and it was weak. He was influenced by his friends, his school, and the world, and one Wednesday night at Youth he walked in brighter. I mean I could see it! Something about him changed. He stood taller, he was more into worship than I had ever seen. It was a sort of transformation you could tell was there even if he hadn’t told you or if you had never known him. Now he is outgoing passionate and tender-hearted to these little kids and middle schoolers. It is truly amazing to see all that God has been doing for these kids, through Pastor Josh. He is making heaven full for sure. 🙂