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Jim Gooden

Church: Reallife church

Pastor Jim, is the kindest pastor I have ever encountered. I was very hurt and almost destroyed by my past pastor at my old church and we left that church a couple years ago. We just started going to Reallife church in Jan of 2023, and we loved the church but I was very skittish of getting to know our new pastor. He took his time with me, not pushing us to join or get involved, just letting me heal in his church and taking our process slow getting involved. And then after about 6 months, he preached one Wednesday night on the letters to the churches in revelations and I just sobbed cause I was a member of the lukewarm church and I didn’t want to be anymore. We had a very real conversation and I told him what my old pastor said to be about things I was questioning in the church and how I was told to “get onboard or get out of the church.” Pastor Jim gave me a hug and said “I will never tell you to get out of my church,” he said, “I’m sorry, you’re stuck with us forever!”
Kindest, nurturing pastor I have ever had!