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Jason Strand

Church: Eagle Brook Church

Thank you for sharing relatable lessons through your five kids, wife and a dog stories. Whether it’s rapping, a sports event, or Chick-fil-A, the down to earth message has something for everyone.  This helps to spread the Word of God and makes you and our church approachable and personal. We appreciate you and your growth.

Jason (and the entire teaching team at Eagle Brook Church) You are all amazing people who are changing lives. You are bringing people closer to God thru your messages. I am truly thankful for being a part of an amazing place to worship.
Thank you.

There’s one service where i felt like everything I did was just coming up bad! But he spoke a word like he was talking to me! It reminded me not to give up and every time I hear him preach it really sinks in me and I know God is talking through him. For evertime he has encourage me not to give up I feel like this is only fair for him to win this opportunity ad he deserves