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James Brown

Church: Real Life Covenant Church

At Real Life, our pastor took a different position the beginning of this year. This was quite a shock and shook our foundation, as that pastor had planted our church. We found James Brown as our transition pastor. James has truly been a Godsend for our church! He has been such an encourager and worker to bring Jesus to us every Sunday through amazing messages and helped us bring Jesus to our community by coordinating some amazing events over the summer in Waseca. James works behind the scenes to grow our church and help us get back on our feet. The most amazing part is he has a lot of family health issues going on in the middle of this, but he has continued to be our rock through it all. James has given us hope and leadership to bring us into the next chapter of our church. We are so thankful to James for all he has done and continues to do for your church. We want to thank James so much for all he has done and is doing for our church. He is doing God’s work!