Isaac Morelli

Church: Centro Esperanza Minnesota

My father is a pastor, first he is a father and then a pastor and I always feel his care for me while seeing his love towards the church. I see his move towards God and the church daily.

Pastor Isaac es un pastor que nos ayudado y guiado a la iglesia hacia el reino de Cristo. Predica muy bien y demuestra el amor y ejemplo del Señor con sus acciones. Doy gracias a Dios por ponerme a los Pastores y iglesia en mi vida, la verdad son una bendición para mi, gracias.

Thank you, pastor Isaac, for all your prayers and work in favor of this family in hope, thank you for teaching us the Word of God, for being an instrument to encourage, correct and guide our church, thank you for not giving up in difficult times, we value your dedication.

Pastor Isaac, thank you so much for the devotion you give to me and the church. Thank you for taking a lot of your time teaching us about the Gospel and also showing God’s love to us. You are always there to uplift us and encourage us to continue through the hardships in our lifes and for reminding us that nothing is impossible with God. Your time and devotion to me is greatly appreciated. And I pray that the Lord will give you strength and guidance. – Ericka Campos

I thank God for your life, and I thank you for the words of relief you have given me. I love you and respect you so very much. Thank you for being my Pastor and a true son of God and also, I really appreciate that even though I’m far away I am able to watch you through YouTube and I want you to know I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit through you when you are preaching.