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Eric Dykstra

Church: Free Grace United Elk River, MN

Pastor Eric has been the Pastor at Free Grace United since it opened 17 years ago. He preaches at four services every weekend, teaches Bible college, and holds special prayer services throughout the year.

I’ve been with FGU for 13 years off and on. When I lived in WI, I’d still come to Elk River at least once a month to listen to his sermons! No matter where I live, I always come back to FGU!

When Pastor Eric preaches the church can be silent or there can be people cheering, clapping. The thing that sets him apart is that he will bring props to service to help us understand the gospel better. Once he even brought milk and Hersey’s chocolate syrup! I’ve never had a pastor as dedicated to his flock as he is. During our trunk or treat you will find him driving the tractor pulling the hayride wagon!

Pastor Eric loves his job, if you can call it that. In no way does this seem to be a job to him. He is truly the reason I come to church! His method of preaching and just being makes us all feel we are his family!