Donovan Morris

Church: Emmanuel Christian Center – Maple Grove

This guy is the actual GOAT he cares so much for his students and pours into them with everything he has. P. Don knows how to have a great time but he also truly loves leading people to Jesus. He is such a light and joy to everyone around him. Preciate ya!

You’re such an amazing leader in my life and i’m so many others. Thank you for always giving your all and keeping it real.

Pastor Donovan has been one of the best pastors I have worked with as a youth leader. His obedience to the Lord is obvious and strong and his heart for our students is so kind. He is truly approachable and supports his students in any way he can. It’s crazy what he has done in our ministry and he’s only in his mid-twenties. He deserves to feel loved and celebrated in this way.

Thanks for always listen to everyone, to support each of us and pray for every single person. You’re kind, patience and great pastor!