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Derrick Ross

Church: Celebration

Dear Pastor Derrick,
God has used you and your family so greatly at Celebration Church! Leaving warm, N Carolina and a successful church to come here a couple years after our church split and taking on all our financial problems and baggage had to be a daunting task! Even though you are young, you listen to the Holy Spirit and preach the most amazing messages!

One of your strongest qualities is how you encourage and nurture others to be great as well! You are not intimidated by someone else being able to preach well. Your humility is admirable!

A few weeks ago you stood on stage and said that since you are young you needed to hire another older man onto the preaching staff. Thank you for that! We hope you stay at Celebration for a long time! God is really using you here! These are just a few reasons why I wish to nominate you for pastor of the year!