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All Because of Mercy

Casting Crowns

Derek Mumm

Church: The Bridge Church

Thank you Derek! You are such an amazing person and pastor. You listen even when you are tired! You preach with such experience and wisdom with Jesus even though you are so young. Your wisdom exceeds most and we all know your heart is with Jesus! Your young family is a blessing to all of us to this small church in a corn field, but with the biggest heart to “COME ALIVE” – we love you! Thank you for all you do helping us all “connect” and to your beautiful wife helping bring the worship music to life with the worship team! You are both absolutely amazing!

Pastor Derek,
For the first time in my 77 years, I have a Pastor as a friend! Ok, I’m almost 50 years older than you and that makes it even better. You obviously make me laugh, and you bring tears to my eyes. You’re fun to be out with at breakfast, or some golf. You bring the Gospel to me and The Bridge Church in a way I’ve never heard it. I’m amazed at what you did as a Youth Pastor, and I am even more amazed at what you’ve accomplished since becoming the lead, Pastor. I’m excited to go to church and see what you have to offer every Sunday. I get my “battery” charged for the upcoming week. You speak of love, forgiveness, and mercy……. not guilt and shame. God has great plans for you and our church. I love it! Thanks again, my friend. God’s continued blessings to you, your lovely wife, and those two fantastic children. Can’t wait to be back in church. I love “The Bridge Church” and you!

Derek, I want to thank you for the passion and sincerity that you serve The Lord and your congregation at The Bridge. Your consistent teaching of God’s grace and love for us encourages me week after week to draw closer to Him.  You have changed the dynamics of The Bridge toward more outreach to spread the Gospel through our hometown and through missions around the world.  You and your team at The Bridge are blessings to all of us who call The Bridge their home church.