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David Knox

Church: Faith Lutheran

Thank you for your faithful support to our congregation. You and your family are very much appreciated.

Pastor Dave gives very encouraging, enlightening, and biblically historic-supported sermons that keeping me thinking throughout the next week about my faith and how to be a better Christian. He is very supportive of all ages in our congregation and the Wabasha community. He has been our Pastor for 12 years. He has help us through many good and trying times in this troubled in our church.

Pastor, you are the best! You are always looking at the “same old” differently. Sometimes, you have to wonder 😀. But you have taught us to wonder, to be curious and to question. I think that is your greatest gift to us. God bless you now and always.

No matter the service on Sunday you can always see that it comes from Pastor Dave’s heart. And I’ve never seen a pastor get as involved with the children as Pastor Dave. What other Pastor would get down on his hands and knees and let a child ride on his back going down the aisle toward the altar, playing the part of a donkey for the Children’s Christmas Play, or throw himself down on a mat pretending to wrestle with a child during the Children’s sermon on wrestling with God. Pastor Dave demonstrates his caring in many ways such as listening to all sides of a topic of discussion before giving his own opinion and helping to find a solution to a problem. Offering to help whenever and wherever he feels he can. Like when he shoveled our driveway for us after we had been stranded in Rochester after a snowstorm. When we finally drove home from my husband’s hospital stay, we were able to drive directly into our garage without having to shovel two feet of snow out of the way first. Or when we were out in Seattle and my husband had a stroke, Pastor Dave went to our neighbors to get a key and went into our kitchen to take pictures of my husband’s medication that he then sent to the Seattle hospital for us. You just can’t find that kind of compassion in many people. This and many other examples are why we feel Pastor Dave deserves this Pastor’s Appreciation award.