How Great Thou Art (Until That Day) album image

How Great Thou Art (Until That Day)

Matt Redman

Dave Huizenga

Church: Brighwood church

I am very grateful for Brighwood church, I just moved to Savage 3 years ago and I found my church. I feel loved in the church and they have supported me spiritually. Every morning at 7am we have a prayer group, where I have learned a lot about prayer.

It is very important to see the work and effort that our pastor does, and at this time he is in mourning for the death of his mother, yet still preaches on Sunday.

He is a great servant of Christ with a heart of Christ. This encourages us to trust God much more because of his great faith in our Lord Jesus. We Love our pastor!

Pastor Dave is so encouraging, and he is always there to help us! His message every week is Holy Spirit filled and he is so knowledgeable about the Bible! We love you, Pastor Dave! 😃