Dan Bodin

Church: South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church

Pastor Dan has been so supportive to our church family and my family in particular. When I lost my husband at 40 yrs. old in 2022. He was there that same day to help guide me through the process and pray with me and my children. Helped my 2 little children understand that their daddy is in heaven, and he is always with us in our hearts. His strength of faith and knowledge in our lord our savior is one of the many things I admire in him. His family as well has been so supportive. His wife Trista has done so much for me in helping me get used to my new normal. My kids playing with their 4 beautiful kids makes me smile. Bless you Pastor Dan and Trista Bodin. You are true friends and followers that walk with me and the rest of the church on our journey walking with our friend and savior Jesus Christ. Love to you and your family.