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Colin Rueter

Church: New Life

Pastor Colin really loves the Lord and shares his knowledge freely with everyone he is crying gentle and caring just like Jesus. Right now we are being taught in Genesis from the Garden of Eden to this Sunday Abraham and Sarah’s Covenant. Pastor Colin speaks in words that you can plainly understand and take great notes. He and his family are a great inspiration to me and the rest of the church he loves the Lord and sticks right to the text of the Holy Bible. He’s a great Shepherd to his flock and lives it out in his everyday life . He opens up his home to all the parishioners to come and meet him in the family. He really shows his love and the love of God. Pastor Colin is very humble and a great leader leader of New Life Church in Wanamingo. I have grown so much since I started going to New Life this last past year. The church really shows it’s love towards new people and makes them feel right at home.