A little girl hugging her mom while smiling and laughing. They are outside during sunset

Heart of a Mom stories

98.5 KTIS and a friend of the ministry are celebrating moms this spring!

Thank you for joining 98.5 KTIS in loving on moms! This month, we have the privilege of sharing the stories of five wonderful mothers. Listen to their stories below!

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Shelby’s husband has been recently deployed, and this strong mom is trying to hold down the fort. Danielle knew it was time to give her some extra support.

Blue flowers


Cassandra has been wanting a second child for 10 years, but it’s been a tremendous struggle. Misty decided she would be a great candidate for Heart of a Mom.



Marcus has seen his wife looking for a connection with her biological family, and realized it was about time she was able to do something to take care of herself.

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Tahni’s husband, Joe, has admired her dedication to their unique son, and knew it was time for her to feel some extra love!

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This mom has faithfully come alongside her daughter who is battling cancer. Now, Joanie is blessed too!