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Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge

Address: 740 E. 24th Street Minneapolis Number: (612) 373-3366
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Restoring Hope

Abigail’s story


I’ve been using basically my whole life. I definitely felt like I was going to die an addict. So, coming into this program changed, literally, everything that I’ve ever known. I met Jesus and there’s no going back.

Since 1983, Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge has been restoring hope to people struggling with drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling addictions.

In addition to MNTC’s effective and affordable residential Licensed Treatment, faith-based Long-Term Recovery and convenient Outpatient program, they have extensive prevention and transitional/aftercare services.

Freedom from Addiction Starts Here

MNTC’s mission is to assist teens and adults in gaining freedom from chemical addictions and other life-controlling problems by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

MNTC offers a broad spectrum of effective and affordable treatment and recovery programs throughout Minnesota with campuses in Minneapolis, Brainerd, Duluth, Rochester and Buffalo.

Sam’s story


When I was using, I felt lost. I got three DWI’s back-to-back; I felt like I was blinded and I didn’t know which way to take. But NOW that I came into Teen Challenge, God’s opened my eyes. He’s given me this peace, and He’s softened my heart.

Three words that change everything … I NEED HELP

Struggling with addiction? Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge will guide you through assessments, funding, treatment, and recovery, for men and women of all ages.

Call 612-FREEDOM or go to MNTC’s website.