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A Breath of Hope

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation knows that when it comes to lung cancer, America’s deadliest cancer, every life matters regardless of personal choices. Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, but 60% of those diagnosed either never smoked or had quit long ago. The smoking stigma that brings so much pain to patients is unkind and inaccurate.

To improve a dismal 22% survival rate and bring the truth to the public, A Breath of Hope funds innovative U.S. lung cancer research, educates the public through community events and awareness campaigns, and supports families coping with this disease. A Breath of Hope has invested $2.5 million in its research program, educates 100,000 patients each year for improved outcomes, provides services such as transportation and companionship, and tirelessly fights the stigma and misinformation tied to lung cancer.

We are stronger together. if you are someone who could volunteer at an event or drive a patient, reach out to us at [email protected]. More about A Breath of Hope’s work at www.abreathofhope.org.