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98.5 KTIS invites you to walk alongside the ministry as a Community Partner!

As our Community Partner, we invite you to walk alongside the ministry of KTIS. You will reach a loyal, family-centered, Christian audience while supporting the ministry and mission of KTIS. Our female-based radio station listener is concerned about her family, her finances, her fitness and her faith walk.

Listeners trust KTIS to provide uplifting and encouraging content throughout the day. By becoming a Community Partner, your message implies that your organization or business shares similar values; that is a powerful endorsement. For more information contact Brian Wright at 651-631-5293 or Theresa Carlson at 651-631-5033 or fill out the form below.

Become a Community Partner

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Northwestern Media, a ministry of the University of Northwestern, exists to lead people to Christ and nurture believers in their spiritual growth through Christ-centered media—a mission that started with our first radio station in 1949. Broadcast content, including radio announcements and donor acknowledgments, must be consistent with this mission. Accordingly, Northwestern Media reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a proposed communication may be aired. Northwestern Media will not broadcast messages that it determines to be inconsistent with or that express or demonstrate opposition to the University of Northwestern’s Doctrinal Statement and/or
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