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Honestly, We Just Need Jesus


Samantha’s story

My name is Samantha- I just want to say thank you to KTIS and the band Cain. The song I'm blessed by them has helped me through one of the hardest things I have had to go through in my life. The lyrics in their song as long as I got the heart beat in my chest I am blessed. Even on my worst days I am a child of God. That has followed me and gotten me through this hard mental health journey. I suffered through a hard rare disease journey last year and I have chronic migraines and haven't had a pain free day in a year, but God has given me the strength every day. Why the song has meant so much and KTIS is because I lost my dad to suicide in March 2024. He told me in his last voicemail that he heard God speak to him through KTIS and Cain I'm blessed was his favorite song. My dad had such a big faith and the enemy told him he wasn't good enough but Cains song gave him hope and every time I hear I'm blessed on KTIS I think about my dad and even though I'm going through my darkest days I still have the heart beat in my chest and I'm so blessed.